How to take care of your leather bag

At Felicia we are committed to quality and timelessness and we want your bag to last a long time! That when you open the closet you have to think about how old your Felicias are!

A bag does not require great care, but the more you pamper it, the better it will last over time. We recommend that you always store it in its original cotton cover with padding, individually so that it does not rub against other bags or objects. If you have a hole in the closet and you can have your small space it is ideal!

Over time you may need a layer of hydration, it's normal! You can use a specific product for skin or the simplest, the classic moisturizing cream in a blue can! Use a cotton cloth and gently rub over the entire surface with a little product.

Avoid coming into contact with liquids that can stain or damage the skin. It is not a good idea to leave it on the bar counter, it is very easy to stain it! It is also not advisable to expose it to direct sunlight for a while as it can damage the leather and fade the color.

If you have any questions about maintenance you can contact us through our email address, we will be happy to help you! And remember, that over time it is normal for small imperfections to appear due to use that remind us of those happy moments that we have made the most of!

Enjoy your happiness!

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